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Claims Processing: Program and Government

claims processing: Only five families were relocated to an alternate location through this program before it ended, according to CTV. While successful as a proof of concept, it is apparent that a larger or more sustained program would require close provincial support, said Marie-Emmanuelle Cadieux, spokeswoman for Border Security Minister Bill Blair. The federal government says it needed buy-in from the province of Ontario for this program to be fully implemented -- something it was not able to secure. The triage program was announced last year after the Quebec government and the city of Toronto called on the federal government for help in dealing with an influx of asylum seekers flooding their temporary housing. That wait can take up to two years due to backlogs in claims processing. Ottawa's response was a plan to triage arriving migrants to see if they would be willing to settle in areas outside of Montreal or Toronto to await the outcomes of their refugee claims. ( As reported in the news.