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Chaos Candidate: Gender Immigration and American Life

chaos candidate: During the scrum among candidates preceding Trump's ascent to the Republican nomination for POTUS, former front-runner Jeb Bush in December, 2015, said of the future 45th commander-in-chief, Donald, you know, is great at the one-liners, according to Rabble. But he's a chaos candidate. Such fatigue has covered a wide spectrum of issues in American life, including sports, race, gender immigration, free press, foreign relations and the foundations of United States democracy itself. And he'd be a chaos president. And then there was only Crooked Hillary Clinton to surmount in the 2016 runoff for the presidency. Bush, along with being prescient about the future American CEO, soon became one of the rabble of nicknamed victims as Trump careened past Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco Rubio, Lyin Ted Cruz, etc. enroute to the nomination. ( As reported in the news.