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Asses Claims: Mexico and Trump Administration

asses claims: Most of them are fleeing Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, according to CTV. Earlier this month, the Trump administration declared Mexico a safe country for migrants, which means those who have passed through Mexico won't get hearings in the U.S. to determine whether they are refugees in need of protection. The U.S. has been overwhelmed with more than 100,000 migrants a month flooding across its southern border with Mexico. That means far more are likely to seek asylum in Mexico. Beuze said the UN is counting on Canada to support, for example, the Mexican asylum system to reinforce its capacity to asses claims and to see to which extent asylum seekers can be protected in Mexico. UNHCR Canada's Jean-Nicolas Beuze says that although Mexico is increasingly capable of handling asylum seekers, it needs Canada's help to cover the cost of staffing, offices and training. ( As reported in the news.