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Url Links: Trudeau and Story

url links: Trudeau is quoted in the post saying he made the decision to convert to Islam after meeting thousands of new Syrian refugees, listening to their stories and learning more about the Muslim faith, according to CTV. The story also contains several images of Trudeau embracing his new found faith. The story, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Converting from Christianity to Islam, was published on the Vatican Enquirer website three years ago. The quote used in the story is attributed to website, The Global Sun, but the URL links to a web page that is no longer active. It also reference's Trudeau's wife and children as being very supportive of his decision. A search of The Global Sun, another satirical website, through Internet archival tool Way Back Machine, reveals a post titled, Justin Trudeau To Convert To Islam Muslim . That post, dated July 4, 2016, contains the aforementioned quote and claims Trudeau announced his sudden change of faith during a 15 minute news conference. ( As reported in the news.