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Right: Right Movement and Russian Interference

right: I raise my hand as one of those voices that's pointed to the capacity for foreign actors to try to put their finger on the scale of our upcoming federal election, or just to sow distrust in our democratic institutions, according to National Observer. But the more that researchers take a look at what is happening in countries around the world, the more the threat appears much more complex than just the Kremlin pulling strings. Worrying about Russian interference in our elections or possibly even Chinese is a hot topic in media and political circles. What's also apparent is a transnational extreme right movement exists, connecting and strategizing with local groups through online networks sometimes further backed by Russia, but not always. As Canadian scholar Barbara Perry has noted, the Internet gives them a place to express and connect with others on the basis of white European chauvinism that serves to then empower and embolden them as part of a common cause that is global rather than simply local. International researchers have been sounding the alarm that the extreme right is using increasingly sophisticated online strategies to amplify its messages on social media platforms, seeking to bring fringe ideologies into the mainstream. ( As reported in the news.