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Replacement Events: Two-Spirit People and Grassroots Assembly

replacement events: He booked a lineup of speakers to address transgender issues, youth emergency shelters, and two-spirit people, according to CTV. Perhaps it wasn't the festive atmosphere many people came to expect on Edmonton's usual Pride weekend earlier this month, but Goncalves was focused on healing the divide. So instead of grumbling about the lack of replacement events, he decided to plan another celebration -- a grassroots assembly that downplayed jubilation and drew attention to the lingering unrest and underrepresentation felt by marginalized LGBTQ voices. I figured it would be a good step in the right direction to show we do care, that we do want to support all members of our community, Goncalves said. Those sentiments will sound familiar to many in LGBTQ communities across Canada who in recent years have confronted questions about the future of their own local Pride events as inner turmoil -- and external disagreements -- wrack the organizations that run them. We have problems and we need to figure out how we can solve them. ( As reported in the news.