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Mining Processes: Mercury Emissions

mining processes: The target this time is mercury emissions, according to National Observer. It is incumbent upon our government to pressure the Trump administration to reconsider changes to U.S. EPA regulations on mercury. environment waterquality Cdnpoli iisd Mercury is a common byproduct of power plant activities and industrial mining processes. While it could be easily mistaken for yet another example of our southern neighbours bearing the brunt of the current administration's proclivity for deregulating industry at the expense of environmental protection, a closer look at this most recent chapter in Trump's playbook reveals just how much his politics could have lasting impacts here in Canada. When ingested by humans,most commonly through the fish we eat, mercury poisoning can lead to a whole host of medical conditions that range from hair loss, muscle weakness or paralysis, organ damage, loss of senses, depression and even death. That's down from the EPA's previously estimated figures of between 37 and 90 billion. To cut a long story short, through some selective mathematics on co-benefits, Trump andthe new head of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA who happens to be a former coal lobbyist, are claiming that human health benefits of the current Obama-era regulations on mercury emissions are valued at 6 million. ( As reported in the news.