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Matthew Mahabadi: Deputy Leader and Resignation Statement

matthew mahabadi: In their resignation statement, the Councillors said it was a privilege to serve the city, but that it was tiring, stressful, soul-crushing at times . Richard Ferris and Matthew Mahabadi who resigned as Peterborough city Councillors following the local Labour group's failure to oppose antisemitism, according to Rabble. In March 2018, Mr Ferris, the party's deputy leader in Peterborough and a Councillor for Park Ward, and Mr Mahabadi, who represents East Ward, were openly critical of a decision to allow Alan Bull to stand for election. In a joint statement they said blowing the whistle in March had exposed them to alienation and ignorance . Labour group leader Shaz Nawaz, who is now under public suspicion following his hiring of close friend and convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood in two recent Parliamentary elections, described the move as disappointing yet failed to comment on or address the shocking proven cases of anti-Semitism within the branch he leads. Mr Bull was then suspended over a 2015 Facebook post in which he appeared to question the historical basis of the Holocaust. In an article posted in the New Statesman, Mr Ferris and Mr Mahabadi criticised the Labour Party over its failure locally and nationally to deal with an extremely serious case of unapologetic anti-Semitism . It seems we'd let a cork out from the bottle, across the party, they wrote. Another vile jew-hating post from Peterborough Labour's Alan Bull. ( As reported in the news.