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Immigration Pilot: Population Declines and Friday Hussen

immigration pilot: By taking the decisions on matching immigrants to employers and communities out of Ottawa's hands, rural and northern areas struggling with population declines and worker shortages hope to find newcomers who want to come and stay, according to CTV. People don't realize just how much the rural economy needs immigration, Hussen said. On Friday Hussen announced the communities chosen for the rural and northern immigration pilot -- a program that will give rural employers the ability to directly select immigrants to hire in their businesses and will also give immigrants the ability to choose one of these 11 communities to make their permanent residence. He has spoken to rural employers desperate for workers, some of whom are turning away multimillion-dollar contracts because of a lack of skilled labour. And I know how much these small towns are relying on that large employer to stay in place. Some of them are saying, 'We're going to make decisions to move if we don't have the workers that we need,' and that's just unacceptable. ( As reported in the news.