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Gun Charges: Brockton Hub and Booking Photos

gun charges: Here's another ugly freaking scumbag drug dealer, Moniz wrote in one instance, drawing ire from friends and family of the accused, according to Rabble. In another post, for example, he wrote, This cockroach gave a bad name to our Cape Verdean community. BROCKTON A local celebrity in his own right, Manny Moniz was a polarizing, ever-present figure on the Brockton Hub, the Facebook group of nearly 60,000 users where he was notorious for sharing news stories with booking photos of people arrested on drug and gun charges, shaming them and labeling them as scumbags. Moniz, a longtime resident of Avon, who owned an area painting company, died on Monday at Massachusetts General Hospital following a rapid decline, after being diagnosed last year with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Moniz, according to his longtime girlfriend, has continued to attract controversy even in his death, with some of his detractors sending her nasty, threatening messages about him, and others posting gleeful remarks about his demise on the Brockton Hub page. Moniz was 51 years old. ( As reported in the news.