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Education Cuts: Group and Health Care

education cuts: Tabitha Bernard, a spokesperson for Engage Canada, said in a written statement that the group's ad campaigns are meant to fight back against the dominance of corporate interests on the airwaves, according to CTV. The ad that ran during Monday night's Raptors game accuses Scheer of hiding something and says that, if elected, he would follow Ontario Premier Doug Ford when it comes to health care and education cuts. Where did the group get the cash to pay for a Toronto Raptors playoff commercial that could cost upwards of 50,000 The group is hesitant to say. The group describes itself as a grassroots organization. Formally created in December 2014, according to incorporation documents, Engage Canada orchestrated a targeted ad campaign against Stephen Harper in the lead up to the 2015 federal election. Corporate records and archived union documents show that it is comprised of veteran political strategists and individuals with strong ties to some of Canada's largest union groups. ( As reported in the news.