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Canadian Society: Muslim Brotherhood and Education System

canadian society: The reader included in the note a series of emails between her own family members, according to National Observer. What followed was a crash-course in the effects and the effectiveness of disinformation. I would like to be able to refute this opinion with facts. Citing various far-right websites, her relatives warned about fictitious threats, such as leftists supporting jihad against Canadian society, the Muslim Brotherhood penetrating the education system, and the wave of destruction unleashed by immigration. To back up these claims, the reader's relatives linked to the National Conservative News Network Canada, which at first seemed like any other right-leaning Facebook page.A closer look revealed a darker theme lurking among the seemingly-innocuous political content. By hiding behind the facade of a news network, this Facebook page managed to stay active for over three years and amassed a following of more than 200,000 people all while peddling virulent anti-Muslim hate speech and disinformation. ( As reported in the news.