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Canadian Officials: Home Country and Marina Dubova

canadian officials: Canadian officials indicated they were unconvinced she would return to her home country at the end of her visit because she has no children, owns no property in her home country and has limited employment, according to CTV. She said friends and colleagues warned her not to bother applying at all, as she was told single women without children are often rejected for these reasons. Marina Dubova was all set for a conference on cognitive science and artificial intelligence in Montreal next month, but was recently informed her application for a visa was rejected. But as a student of cognitive science, this conference is the biggest in her field and important for networking and seeing the latest research being explored by her international colleagues. I think it's just lottery of birth and some additional conditions -- that I'm not married and I don't have kids and I'm young. Dubova believes the fact she's coming from Russia -- a country with a number of diplomatic tensions with Western nations -- is a major reason why her application was rejected. ( As reported in the news.