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Canadian Information: Canadian Forces and Defence-Intelligence Agents

canadian information: The instruction to National Defence employees and members of the Canadian Forces says any information collected about Canadians must have a direct and immediate relationship to a military operation or activity, according to Vancouver Courier. But it also warns that emerging technologies and capabilities are increasing the possibility that such Canadian information will be scooped up inadvertently from open sources like social-media feeds. The prospect of defence-intelligence agents having personal data about Canadians worries civil-liberties advocates because it is unclear just how much is collected incidentally from the vast reaches of cyberspace.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver trustee wants name of 19th century mining magnate removed from school sign This Vancouver market is handing out embarrassing plastic bags to customers Dashcam footage shows terrifying near miss at Vancouver intersection VIDEO Syrian man from the airport' starts new life in Vancouver The Canadian Press recently obtained a copy of the eight-page, August 2018 directive, Guidance on the Collection of Canadian Citizen Information, through the Access to Information Act. Data about Canadians, whether it's collected intentionally or not, may be kept and used to support authorized defence-intelligence operations, the directive says. The committee plans to deliver a special report to the prime minister on the subject this year. The national-security and intelligence committee of parliamentarians is examining the directive as part of a study on how National Defence and the Canadian Forces gather, use, keep and share information about Canadians as part of their intelligence work. ( As reported in the news.