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Cabinet Committee: Meeting Minutes and Election Clark

cabinet committee: The big question for the Canadian Progressive Conservative government of the day was what do we do about China now Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, delivered twice weekly to your inbox and every day during the election Clark expected the situation to worsen, and could not rule out the possibility of civil war, say the declassified minutes of the June 6, 1989 meeting of the cabinet committee on priorities obtained by The Canadian Press, according to CTV. The Mulroney government grappled with what to do in a series of cabinet meetings 30 years ago this month, the details of which are now revealed in meeting minutes that have been released under access-to-information legislation. Over the previous 48 hours, stunned disbelief had sunk in across the globe after the Chinese army used tanks and guns to kill hundreds, if not thousands, of pro-democracy student protesters in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The documents provide a window into how the government dealt with what the worst period of Sino-Canadian relations -- until the one now facing Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Two Canadian men, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, are under arrest in China facing allegations of espionage and endangering national security -- detentions Canada and the U.S. view as arbitrary. Canada is caught in the crossfire of a United States-China trade war. ( As reported in the news.