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British-Led Attempt: Eric Dow and Acadian Community

british-led attempt: The non-profit group has decided to appoint a committee of experts, including historians, sociologists and legal scholars, to determine whether the British-led attempt to rid the region of Acadians between 1755 and 1763 was in fact a genocide, according to CTV. This is a debate that's been raging within Acadian circles for years and years, said Eric Dow, a spokesman for the group. But could this traumatic event in Canada's early history be considered a genocide The Acadian Society of New Brunswick, which advocates for more than 250,000 French speakers and Acadians in the province, revived that thorny debate during its annual general meeting on the weekend. There hasn't been a consensus established yet ... There's a lack of closure in the Acadian community. There's a kind of competition to see whose atrocity is worse, said John Mack Faragher, a professor emeritus at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. However, a leading scholar on the subject said evidence to support describing the deportations as a genocide is lacking. ( As reported in the news.