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Bathing Suits: Fitness and Vice President

bathing suits: It's a time when you want to go out and be more social, but you're so hung up on what you look like, said Kate Browne, author of the blog Taking Up Space and vice president of communications at the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, which provides training and support for fitness professionals, according to NOW Magazine. Diet and fitness culture can feed into some people's anxiety about the summer months, Browne said, making the thought of wearing bathing suits and shorts much worse. But the thought of baring more skin and the pressure of dieting for that perfect summer body can cause dread for many people. But sitting on the sidelines until September doesn't have to be the answer, she said. Here is their advice Acknowledge the feelings You might be thinking Wearing those shorts will make me look fat. The Dispatch talked to two body positivity experts on how you can avoid some seasonal pitfalls and feel comfortable in your skin all summer long. ( As reported in the news.