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Amina Chaudhary: Parole and Life Stressors

amina chaudhary: Though she continues to assert her innocence, the Parole Board of Canada last week found Chaudhary has worked hard since then to address her issues and acquire skills to facilitate her reintegration into society, according to CTV. It noted she has become more transparent with her parole officer and navigated several major life stressors, including reuniting with a son she had given up for adoption decades ago as well as with one of her children with her current spouse. Amina Chaudhary, 57, has been on day parole since 2016 and was denied full parole the following year because authorities felt she was blaming others for her fate. Chaudhary was found guilty in 1984 of killing her former lover's nephew -- a conviction she has challenged repeatedly, eventually exhausting her legal options. Those children are now adults, having been raised by friends or family members. She met her husband, also a convicted murderer, while in pre-trial custody, and had three children with him while in prison. ( As reported in the news.