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Adult Supervision: Children and Binford

adult supervision: Most of the children were moved out of the facility over the weekend, but Binford says they have been left traumatized, according to CTV. In an interview with CTV News Washington Correspondent Richard Madan, Binford said the children she met were dirty, smelled bad and were in many cases obviously sick. Warren Binford spoke last week with dozens of children detained at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection patrol station in Clint, Texas. There were not nearly enough beds and some of the children described spending weeks sleeping on concrete blocks with up to 100 other kids in a single room, she said. Children looking after children' Even more concerning to Binford was the lack of adult supervision. The toilets in the facility were out in the open as they would be in jails, which meant the children were forced to urinate and defecate in front of dozens of strangers around them, according to Binford. ( As reported in the news.