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Tokyo: Labour Issues

tokyo: Issued last week, the labour report titled The Dark Side of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, focused on labour issues at the new national stadium and the Olympic village -- the two centerpiece venues for the Tokyo games, according to CTV. Japan, with an aging and declining population, is short handed in many industries. Top International Olympic Committee officials meet in Tokyo this week with local organizers, where labour issues will be on an agenda that includes rising costs, worries about summer heat when the games open in just under 15 months, and complaints about cost cutting from international sports federations. The government has provided more visas for construction workers tied to the Olympics, and in April started allowing more foreign workers to reside in the country. We were informed by the IOC that they are in direct contact with the Tokyo 2020 to find remedies, Yuson said in an email to the Associated Press. Ambet Yuson, general secretary of Building and Wood Workers' International based in Geneva, Switzerland, said the critical report had been sent to IOC president Thomas Bach. ( As reported in the news.