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Sponsorships Scandal: Chretien Government and Harper Government

sponsorships scandal: The Harper government stayed within a comparatively narrow band throughout its time in office, never falling below 30 per cent, never rising much above 40, according to CBC. The Chretien government likewise lost only a little altitude over the years, remaining well above 40 per cent in most polls until the sponsorships scandal brought them down to earth. Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press Andrew Coyne May 6, 20198 39 PM EDTLast Updated May 7, 201911 26 AM EDTFiled under Full Share this story Andrew Coyne Canadians have fallen desperately out of love with Justin Trudeau Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked InThere are precedents for the extraordinary swoon in popularity the governing Liberals are currently enduring, and have endured 20 points in the polls in two and a half years, according to data collected by the CBC's Poll Tracker site but you have to go back some way to find one. But a government falling this far, this fast, in its first term To have done so, what is more, without even the aid of a recession with unemployment and mortgage rates both in single digits, and separatism in Quebec, at least quiescent The only parallel that comes to mind is with the first Mulroney government. But with less than six months to go until the election, it is unclear what similar combination of circumstances can revive the Trudeau Liberals. That government, it will be recalled, managed to recover, winning re-election on the strength of its signature free trade initiative and growing public doubts about the opposition leader. ( As reported in the news.