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Questions Need: Home Prices and Wally Oppal

questions need: Police now investigate these cases far differently than they did when serial killer Robert Pickton was preying on vulnerable women, he said, according to CTV. A lot of good things can come of them, but before governments establish inquiries, they should first of all ask themselves What questions need to be answered Did something go wrong And what are the powers that we're going to give to an inquiry commissioner Oppal said. Wally Oppal said he believes his inquiry had an impact after it wrapped in 2012. The other thing is you have to have a definite end line, otherwise it can go on forever. One report estimated 7.4 billion was laundered in B.C. last year, of which 5 billion was funnelled through real estate and drove up home prices five per cent. Calls for an inquiry have been mounting since the provincial government released two reports on money laundering last week. ( As reported in the news.