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Power Religion: Malaysia and Stamp

power religion: The Muslim NGO leader took to Facebook to complain that the stamp was another example of how Islam was being bullied since Pakatan Harapan came to power in May last year and that it could lead foreigners to think Malaysia is a Christian state when in fact, the stamp was part of a series on places of worship in Malaysia, which was first issued in 2016, two years before Harapan came to power, according to Rabble. Religion in New Malaysia must be a unifying force and there must be no room for political desperadoes to abuse it to justify kleptocracy, intolerance or extremism of any form. The most recent example is the statement by a Muslim NGO leader regarding Pos Malaysia issuing a stamp featuring St George's Church in Penang. As Malaysia is a multi-religious society, it is incumbent upon the state and all citizens to respect all religions and in fact, this is the first of the five Rukunegara principles Belief in God, which is based on the fundamental constitutional principle that Islam is the official religion of the federation while other religions and faiths can be practised in peace and harmony without any form of discrimination. The Quran said, Let there be no compulsion in religion... 2 256 and to you your religion, to me mine 109 6 . Religion is a great social force if used for the good of society and nation and the world at large. This is in full conformity with Islam, which clearly accepts the people's right to follow the religion of their choice. ( As reported in the news.