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Kenney: Election Integrity and Delightsome Land

kenney: It is a delightsome land with its prairies and its mountains, its forests and fertile fields and a healthy, invigorating climate, Kenney said, breaking into some chuckles, according to National Observer. Fight disinformation with facts. It started with a smile that cracked on Kenney's face as he read from a description of Alberta from Sept. 1, 1905, the day it became a province in the Dominion of Canada. Support the Election Integrity Reporting Project!This is how much readers like you have donated so far. It was not entirely clear what they were laughing at, but the mention of the word climate comes as Kenney begins a mandate by starting a legal battle against the federal government's climate change policies and launching a political war against climate change and conservation activists that have been pushing Alberta to clean up its oilpatch, home to the world's third largest reserves of crude oil after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Goal 75,000 30,700Donate The crowd, which included 22 new members of his cabinet, began to laugh along with him. ( As reported in the news.