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Gas Industry: Fight Disinformation and April Election

gas industry: I jumped instead of being pushed, according to National Observer. Kenney's government is due to be sworn in to office on April 30 after winning a majority of seats and defeating Premier Rachel Notley's New Democrats in Alberta's April 16 election. I cannot support the government's tactics and policy direction, and they were going to fire me anyway, so let's call it a case of irreconcilable differences and save everyone some time and money, he told National Observer in a phone interview on Monday. Fight disinformation with facts. Goal 75,000 27,750Donate The premier-designate had said he would fire Whittingham, whom he accused, without evidence, of being part of a conspiracy of economic sabotage against Alberta's oil and gas industry. Support the Election Integrity Reporting Project!This is how much readers like you have donated so far. ( As reported in the news.