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Downtown Eastside: Stories Canadians and Prose Style

downtown eastside: He was 95 and had lived in Phoenixville since the 1950s.article continues below Trending Stories Canadians urged to avoid all travel to parts of the Philippines Class Notes Van Tech teacher vying for million dollar prize Man thanks paramedic who saved his life on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside a year ago New pedestrian bridge will connect Metrotown Skytrain Station with mallA proud and old-fashioned man with an eminent forehead, cosmopolitan accent, and erudite but personal prose style, Lukacs was a maverick among historians, according to Vancouver Courier. In a profession where liberals were a clear majority, he was sharply critical of the left and of the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Lukacs died of heart failure early Monday at his home in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, according to his stepson, Charles Segal. But he was also unhappy with the modern conservative movement, opposing the Iraq war, mocking hydrogen bomb developer Edward Teller as the Zsa Zsa Gabor of physics and disliking the puerile tradition, apparently started by Ronald Reagan, of presidents returning military salutes from the armed forces. This has earned him, among friends and critics alike, a somewhat curmudgeonly reputation. John Lukacs is well known not so much for speaking truth to power as speaking truth to audiences he senses have settled into safe and unexamined opinions, John Willson wrote in The American Conservative in 2013. ( As reported in the news.