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Costume Party: Climate Change and Election Integrity

costume party: While conservation scientists have sounded the alarm for decades, for many politicians and many voters the concept of climate change remains too abstract and too obscure a possibility, for political strategists and corporations focused on short-term goals and actions that increase electability and/or profitability -- to take on with any real gusto, according to National Observer. Support the Election Integrity Reporting Project! Fight disinformation with facts. Perhaps nothing can better illustrate the mass denial that climate change seems to engender in the West than so much focus on a costume party for the rich while the world around us is burning. We did it! Help us make our stretch goal of 80,000 by midnight Wednesday!Goal 75,000 77,632Donate And yet, even if countries don't appear prepared to tackle global warning, it hasn't stopped many of them from actively preparing for one of its major and dire consequences climate refugees. Instead of coming together, the world is tragically turning more inward. And according to author and journalist Todd Miller they're preparing for it in the worst way possible not by attempting to mitigate and tackle the root causes, but with increased militarization and tougher immigration policies. ( As reported in the news.