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Chrome Skeleton: Space and Bezos

chrome skeleton: We're going to build a road to space, according to Rabble. And then, amazing things will happen, Bezos said. Anchored in hardware, including a lunar rover designed to stack four at a time atop the showcase lunar lander and the chrome skeleton of a BE-7 thruster, Bezos tasked his rocket company Blue Origin with building the infrastructure for subsequent generations to fully exploit space. The same causality is echoed throughout the bluntly named Going to Space to Benefit Earth event, which intentionally left the messy middle out of the generations between Blue Origins' current plan, re-accomplishing the moon missions of 1969 to 1972, and Bezos' distant ambition spectacular space platforms housing a trillion humans. Instead, O'Neill and his students designed self-sustaining space environments, which could be populated close to Earth, in the habitable orbital band already conducive to life. Jeff Bezos Presents Blue Moon at Going to Space to Benefit Earth Event The idea is premised on O'Neill's answer to the question Is the surface of a planet really the right place for an expanding technological civilization No, O'Neill answered, beginning in 1970 with his paper The Colonization of Space. ( As reported in the news.