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York Times: Russian Vodka and Mueller Report

york times: The New York Times, bless their investigative hearts, found a pro-Trumper in Houston who took a bottle of Russian vodka and poultry to a dinner party of his liberal, Trump-hating friends, according to Rabble. The chicken was in lieu of crow, which already speaks well for his fellowfeelingness. . I get one day where I can gloat about it, and you all get upset, he sighed.I don't begrudge it. Take the Mueller Report, one of history's great anticlimaxes though Brexit is the mother of them all I am an Indian, tweeted one observer, and I can tell you that Brits take forever to leave . But think of Mueller's nonbarrage from the POV of Trump devotees. He's had to endure the U.S. mainstream media's boundless effervescing over Mueller. He gets a small respite. Perhaps he clung to Fox but even they're now wavering. ( As reported in the news.