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Vancouverndp Candidate: Task Force-Iraq and Interview Thursday

vancouverndp candidate: It is a political fight, which Canada's top commander in the region believes could be decided in the coming months based on the actions of Iraq's government.article continues below Trending Stories Bike share program gets ready to roll'Bella Dolls' sex doll brothel has opened in VancouverNDP candidate looks to make Canadian electoral history Vancouver teens get a snapshot of life as a firefighter This summer will be pretty important to them, honestly, as they move out of the wet season and into the dry season, Brig.-Gen, according to Vancouver Courier. Colin Keiver, the commander of Joint Task Force-Iraq, said in an interview Thursday. That battle, however, won't be fought with bullets and missiles. The rolling electrical blackouts, potential water shortages, things like that, this will be a big test for the government of Iraq in terms of how they react and how they respond to the needs of their citizens. These factors have been repeatedly cited as key contributors to the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in 2014, as the group used these grievances against Baghdad to gather support and take control of large swathes of territory. The Iraqi government has long been blasted for failing to provide basic services such as water and electricity to Iraqis, let alone cracking down on endemic corruption and discrimination against certain religious and ethnic groups. ( As reported in the news.