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Torture Victims: Child Soldiers and u.s.-Backed Forces

torture victims: Their reports documented civilian casualties of a U.S. drone campaign, drew attention to the presence of child soldiers on the front lines and showed evidence of torture by both Houthi rebels and U.S.-backed forces . For one report, Michael managed to interview seven torture victims while they were still being held prisoner, according to Vancouver Courier. Their images and stories, gathered at times under dangerous conditions, made a difference. Reporter Maggie Michael, photographer Nariman El-Mofty and video journalist Maad al-Zikry spent a year uncovering atrocities and suffering in Yemen, shining a light on a conflict largely ignored by the American public.article continues below Trending Stories Pilot program establishes Vancouver's first drug-testing clinic outside of the Downtown Eastside Wai Young seriously considering' comeback in Vancouver-South riding Vancouver ranked 1 rattiest city in B.C. for three years running Vancouver cops disciplined for discharging gun in office, sending pornographic texts In a series of stories, they told of how famished people in parts of Yemen were reduced to eating leaves to stay alive while corrupt officials diverted international food aid. At least 80 prisoners were released from secret detention sites controlled by the United Arab Emirates after one of their reports. The United Nations rushed food and medicine to areas where the AP revealed that people were starving and threatened to cut off aid to Houthi-controlled areas unless corrupt food diversions stopped. A Houthi leader ordered an investigation of rebel-run prisons, saying that torture was unforgivable. ( As reported in the news.