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Study: Canada and Money

study: The study's 23,000 respondents comprised of Canadian residents born in Official Development Assistance ODA -eligible countries, or low and middle income countries as published by the World Bank, according to CTV. Statistics Canada asked participants about who they were sending money to, where the recipients live, how much money they send them, and why they transferred the funds. Sponsored by Global Affairs Canada, Statistics Canada's Study on International Money Transfers SMIT looked at international money transfers from Canada in 2017. The agency found that Filipino residents in Canada made more international remittances than any other group included in the study. According to the researchers, the large amount of money being sent to the Philippines can be explained, at least in part, to cultural differences. In 2017, Filipinos sent 1.2 billion in remittances to relatives and friends living in the Philippines. ( As reported in the news.