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Reason Moore: Job Prospect and Policy Isn

reason moore: Over time, though, it's become clear that having no idea what he's talking about when it comes to fiscal or monetary policy isn't the only reason Moore should probably be kept far away from the central banking system, the other being that he's a raging unrepentant misogynist who's had some unfortunate things to say about transgender people to boot!We know this, because Moore has proudly shared such views in numerous columns over the years, though now that they've been highlighted in light of his new job prospect, he thinks he's the victim of an attack not unlike the one waged on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was forced to suffer through credible allegations of assault and misconduct on his way to a lifetime appointment, according to Rabble. I was so honored when I got the call from Donald Trump, he told a conservative talk-radio show Tuesday morning. When Donald Trump first announced his intention to nominate Stephen Moore for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board, the conservative economist's candidacy was panned far and wide on the basis of Moore being so unqualified for the job that, in the words of University of Michigan professor of public policy and economics Justin Wolfers, Ivanka would have been a better pick. But all it's been since then has been one personal assault after another, and a kind of character assassination having nothing to do with economics . . . They're pulling a Kavanaugh against me, he said, suggesting that because he might be making less money on the Fed board, people should shut up about the gross things he's said about women, gender equality, and trying to pick up a younger mommy for his kids, in front of his kids. So, you know, I mean, it's true public service. I'm taking a 60 percent pay cut to do this job, he added. ( As reported in the news.