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Monday Evening: Refugee and Surprise Move

monday evening: That not entirely surprise move came on Monday evening, April 8, according to Rabble. Buried in the middle of this year's 367-page budget implementation bill was an amendment to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. As we reported in this space last week, sources close to the Prime Minister's Office had been whispering for a while that the government might insert legislation into its 2019 budget implementation bill to discourage asylum seekers from crossing into Canada from the U.S. through unguarded back roads and unplowed fields. It stated that refugee claimants will be ineligible if they previously made a claim for refugee protection to a country other than Canada. But under current law and international agreements Canada must fully consider the claims of asylum seekers who get themselves onto Canadian soil through unofficial back routes. As it stands now, the safe third country agreement with the United States allows Canada to turn back all refugee claimants who arrive from the U.S. at official border crossings. ( As reported in the news.