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Majority Government: Election Integrity and Victory Speech

majority government: Kenney's party had captured more than 50 per cent of the vote and about two-thirds of the seats by the time he took the stage to deliver his warning to the opponents of one of Canada's most powerful industries, according to National Observer. Fight disinformation with facts. The comments came in response to a blistering victory speech delivered by Alberta United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney as he reacted to a resounding victory that will soon give him a majority government in the provincial legislature of the Western Canadian province. Support the Election Integrity Reporting Project!This is how much readers like you have donated so far. He said his government would launch investigations of environmentalists, complaining that they were spreading lies about the impacts of industrial development in a province that sits on the bulk of the world's third largest reserves of crude oil, following Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Goal 75,000 11,625DonateA crowd of supporters in Calgary roared with approval as Kenney pledged to start a political war with those opponents who have also been among his own adversaries. ( As reported in the news.