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I Hope and People

hand: It's what I hope my children know is important, according to CTV. Off camera, the 43-year-old Oscar-winner is focused on trying to help millions of people caught up in the world's crises and conflicts, a passion that began in 2001 when she started working for the United Nations refugee agency and travelling to camps for displaced people often in poor developing countries. But in many ways, they go hand in hand, she said in an interview late Friday with The Associated Press. There are simply so many people around the world suffering, and with so little and in so much pain, and to not be spending our time conscious of them and finding solutions for them -- it's an empty life, she said. It is now supported by 156 countries. In the search for solutions, Jolie in 2012 launched the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative with former British foreign secretary William Hague. ( As reported in the news.