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Hotel Guests: Blood-Spattered Pews and Suicide Attacks

hotel guests: Wijewardena said most of the bombings were believed to have been suicide attacks, according to CTV. The explosions -- mostly in or around Colombo, the capital -- collapsed ceilings and blew out windows, killing worshippers and hotel guests in one scene after another of smoke, soot, blood, broken glass, screams and wailing alarms. Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardena described the blasts as a terrorist attack by religious extremists, and police said 13 suspects were arrested, though there was no immediate claim of responsibility. Victims were carried out of blood-spattered pews. People didn't know what was going on. People were being dragged out, said Bhanuka Harischandra, of Colombo, a 24-year-old founder of a tech marketing company who was going to the Shangri-La Hotel for a meeting when it was bombed. ( As reported in the news.