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Health Care: Party Leaders and Climate Change

health care: The kumbaya assurances will soon be put to the test, as Democrats are heading quickly into high-stakes debates on health care, climate change and immigration complex issues certain to tax the resolve of party leaders striving to maintain a united front within a highly diverse caucus, according to Rabble. Gathering for their annual issues conference in Northern Virginia, spirited Democrats challenged the media, with lawmakers of all stripes joining party leaders in bucking recent news reports portraying a caucus at war.ADVERTISEMENT You guys have it all wrong, Speaker Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiWH spokesman We're working with DHS, ICE to try to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities Tlaib says Dem leadership should do more to support Omar 'They put us in photos when they want to show our party is diverse' CNN anchor confronts Trump adviser who says president 'never incited violence' MORE D-Calif. told reporters. Defiant Democrats are rallying from an embarrassing internal fight over government spending, with all factions now vowing to bridge differences across the broad ideological spectrum that marks the caucus. We have such a unified caucus. But you can waste your time on that while we go forward with what we are going to do for the American people. But if it serves your purpose to say we're seething, you're on the wrong track. ( As reported in the news.