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American Hearts: u.s.-Mexico Border and Auto Plants

american hearts: Precious supplies of avocados, so dear to American hearts, wiped out, while other fresh fruits and vegetables also rot in trucks, with supplies exhausted in as little as 48 hours, according to CTV. Fuming over migration, U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday reiterated his threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border -- among the busiest in the world, across which US 1.7 billion in goods and hundreds of thousands of people travel in both directions every day. Auto plants darkened overnight. This has drawn a collective gasp from economists, Congress and industry, who fear a catastrophe that could tip the world's largest economy into recession as ties with Mexico, its third-largest trading partner, grind to a halt. It would be like erecting a wall in the middle of the factory floor. It comes close to being unthinkable, Daniel Griswold, director of the trade and immigration project at George Mason University's Mercatus Center, told AFP. He spoke of waves of joblessness, lost business and deepened suffering among farmers who have already been hurt during Trump's multi-front trade wars with China, Europe, Canada and Mexico. ( As reported in the news.