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Amal Alshteiwi: School and Nasra Abdulrahmin

amal alshteiwi: CTV Calgary CBE stands behind supports offered despite young girl's suicide Aref Alshteiwi and Nasra Abdulrahmin, speaking through a translator, told CTV News Calgary that their daughter's teacher was informed of the bullying, but claim the school did nothing to address the issue, according to CTV. When I noticed that my kid was having problems at the school and slipping away, and all my other kids they are not happy at school, I went to the school myself, explained Nasra Abdulrahmin, Amal's mother. Amal Alshteiwi -- whose first name translates to 'hope' -- died by suicide in March, following what her parents say was tireless bullying that resulted in her changing schools. Her parents ultimately decided to transfer Amal to another school. The kids were bullying my daughter and even asking her to go and hang herself and kill herself, said Aref Alshteiwi, her father. She died by suicide four days after the move. ( As reported in the news.