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Alexandre: Alexandre Bissonnette

alexandre: Raymond Bissonnette's letter states that the use of the word terrorist to describe his son is putting his family at risk, according to CTV. The day after the crime committed by my son Alexandre Bissonnette at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, you stated categorically Make no mistake-- this was a terrorist attack. Alexandre Bissonnette killed six people and injured many more when he walked into a mosque during evening prayers and opened fire in January 2017. A few days later, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner confirmed that several Canadian politicians had already labelled Alexandre Bissonnette a terrorist, wrote Raymond Bissonnette. He added that his son's crime was extremely terrible and severe, and that the absence of terrorism charges in no way diminishes the gravity of the crime but it has no link to terrorism or to any particular ideology. Raymond Bissonnette points out that his son was charged and convicted on six counts of first degree murder, but was never charged with terrorism. ( As reported in the news.