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Vest Movement: Saskatchewan and Question Period

vest movement: The yellow vest movement in Saskatchewan was inspired by the months-long protests in France that began in opposition to planned gas tax hikes and have evolved to target other government policies, according to CTV. The NDP leader accused Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe of refusing to distance himself from the movement in Canada, despite suggestions that factions of the group have expressed anti-immigrant sentiments at rallies and online. During question period on Thursday, Saskatchewan Opposition Leader Ryan Meili once again brought up the subject of yellow vest protesters attending pro-energy rallies in the province in recent weeks. The Pipeline News said the other day, the yellow vest moniker is so tainted that now no one wants anything to do with it, Meili said. Earlier this month, Meili called on Moe to instruct his cabinet ministers to not attend pro-pipeline rallies if yellow vest protesters were in attendance. Meili's NDP party has refused to join several rallies in the province in recent weeks where yellow vest protesters have been present. ( As reported in the news.