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Trudeau Airport: Passengers Line and Residency Requirements

trudeau airport: Passengers line up at an Air Canada check-in desk at Trudeau Airport in Montreal last week, according to Toronto Star. Canada is poised to begin collecting data on travellers leaving the country. The new measures, expected to take effect later this year, aim to strengthen border security, enforce residency requirements for permanent residents and pinpoint those who fail to leave the country as required. Graham Hughes / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO It is not known how many visitors who've overstayed their welcome, failed asylum seekers and criminals the new exit system will catch, but both Employment and Social Development Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, which will have access to the data, are expected to nab many Canadians who are outside of the country and ineligible to receive further benefit payments. The Canadian Snowbird Association has been following the exit control changes closely and warns its 100,000 members against breaking U.S. immigration law by overstaying beyond the six-month limit and risking the loss of their federal benefits such as old age security and guaranteed income supplements. The estimated savings for the government in employment insurance and old age security over 10 years could add up to 206 million, plus another 151 million in family and child tax credits and other benefits, according to an analysis of the proposed changes to the Customs Act published Saturday. ( As reported in the news.