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Settlement Assistance: Justice Henry and Sam Ibid

settlement assistance: Facebook Photo All that the government's sponsorship guidelines say, according to the court, is refugee sponsors cannot accept the payment of funds from the refugees for the submission of a sponsorship application before or after their arrival in Canada, according to Toronto Star. In my respectful view, wrote Justice Henry Brown, they prohibit payment of funds for the submission of a sponsorship, not payment for settlement assistance itself. Sam Ibid, who runs a Mississauga based immigration consulting company, says he will continue to try to help the 22 families come to Canada. Brown was presiding over a court challenge launched by Sam Ibid, also known as Osama Ebid, who is the owner of Fast to Canada, and 22 Syrian families his Mississauga-based immigration consulting company was attempting to sponsor. Article Continued Below In rejecting the applicants, an unnamed immigration officer cited a CBC story in 2016 that alleged Ibid's company was making money from Syrian refugees and demanding they pay their own settlement funds up front, according to the court decision. Their applications were refused in January 2018. ( As reported in the news.