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Ruling Liberals: Star and Justin Tang

ruling liberals: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers remarks at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on March 7, 2019, according to Toronto Star. The Star talked to Canadians who voted Liberal in 2015 and found out all is not well. Another Star poll showed the ruling Liberals slipping from a solid lead in recent months to well behind the Conservatives. Justin Tang / THE CANADIAN PRESS But what, exactly, is driving the shift in electoral dynamics What about the SNC-Lavalin affair has moved the electorate Or is it the affair at all The Star talked to a handful of people across the country who chose the Liberals in 2015 about whether they would vote the same way again and why. Yes, SNC-Lavalin came up as a concern. The result Article Continued Below Many are considering changing their votes but not necessarily for the reasons or the parties you might expect. ( As reported in the news.