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Obama: Near-Full Arena and Office Space

obama: Nobody is exempt from that conversation, according to National Observer. He said fossil fuels have provided a cheap and plentiful source of energy since the Industrial Revolution. Obama spoke first to a near-full arena in Calgary, home to several oil and gas company headquarters that are replete with empty office space due to a years-long industry downturn. ; All of us are going to have to recognize that there are trade-offs involved with how we live, how our economy is structured and the world that we're going to be passing on to our kids and grandkids, Obama said. The remark drew a loud whistle and applause from the audience. At the current pace that we are on, the scale of tragedy that will consume humanity is something we have not seen in perhaps recorded history if we don't do something about it. The crowd also clapped when Obama said there is indisputable science that the planet is getting warmer. ( As reported in the news.