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Mosque: Yasir Amin

mosque: Amin and his father, Muhammad Amin Nasir, were just 200 metres from the Al Noor mosque on Friday when everything went wrong, according to Vancouver Courier. They had no idea that a white supremacist had just slaughtered at least 41 people inside the mosque's hallowed halls, or that more people would be killed at a second mosque soon after. Every Friday, Yasir Amin and his dad had ambled along the path toward the mosque where they prayed together in peace, a routine so serene and so ordinary that Amin was nearly blinded by confusion when the man drove up with the gun. All they knew was that a car that had been driving by had suddenly stopped. The bullets began to fly. And a man was leaning out the car's window, pointing a gun at them.article continues below Trending Stories Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history An ocean of plastic changes everything even what we eat Vancouver police arrest gang member near Kelowna Indigenous tenants occupy 44 per cent of Vancouver modular homes RUN! Amin screamed. ( As reported in the news.