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Metres Feet: Video and Monsoon Storms

metres feet: The Associated Press has successfully broadcast the first multi-camera live signal in full broadcast quality from manned submersibles using optical video transmission techniques, in which the pictures transmit through the waves using the blue region of the electromagnetic spectrum, according to CTV. Previous real-time video transmissions from the world's deep oceans were livestreams sent from remotely operated unmanned subsea vehicles, with the video moving via fixed fiber optic cable. Monsoon storms and fierce underwater currents continued to present a challenge at greater depths as scientific work began in earnest on Tuesday off the Seychelles. The first transmission came from 60 metres 200 feet down. The new broadcast uses cutting-edge wireless technology, sending video optically through the waves. Previous deep-sea livestreams cataloguing the world's oceans have been via fiber-optic cable. ( As reported in the news.