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Id Card: Dogon Militia and Peuhl Village

id card: Among the victims in Ogossogou were pregnant women, small children and the elderly, according to a Peuhl group known as Tabital Pulaaku, according to CTV. Graphic video obtained by The Associated Press shows the aftermath of Saturday's attack, with many victims burned inside their homes. An ethnic Dogon militia already blamed for scores of attacks in central Mali over the past year attacked an ethnic Peuhl village just before dawn on Saturday. A small child's body is covered with a piece of fabric, and at one point an ID card is shown covered with blood. At least 55 people were wounded and the UN mission in Mali said it was working to ensure the wounded were evacuated. In the capital of Bamako, visiting UN Security Council President Francois Delattre, condemned the killings as an unspeakable attack late Saturday. ( As reported in the news.