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Fellow Members: Guardian Angels and Daughter Keana

fellow members: At a news conference in Toronto, held hours before she was to travel to Montreal and move into her new home, Rodel said her fellow members of the group that came to be known as Snowden's Guardian Angels should be allowed to join her, according to Toronto Star. I don't want them left behind, she said of the group of five, who include Keana's father and two half-siblings. Vanessa Rodel said her excitement at now being in Canada with her seven-year-old daughter Keana was tempered by the knowledge that people with whom she still feels a strong bond have not been so lucky.A newly arrived refugee who once helped shelter whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong is calling on Canada to welcome others who helped the American fugitive. I don't want to feel that I forget about them because I'm here now in Canada. Rodel and Keana arrived in Toronto on Monday afternoon, two months after the federal government formally granted them refugee status. They're still hoping they can come in Canada to feel safe and free. ( As reported in the news.